Meet Our Tutors

Jane Worsley - Ceccheti Ballet
LISTD (Licentiate, Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing) in Cecchetti Ballet. ISTD National and Scottish Dancing. Fitness League diploma. 
Jane was educated at The Hampshire School, Knightsbridge where, at a young age, she gained her ISTD Associate teaching exams in National Dance and Scottish Dancing. She also taught Cecchetti Ballet National Scottish and Ballroom dancing in many schools.  
Jane was then awarded a scholarship at the renowned Nesta Brooking School of Ballet and Choreography where she trained as a dancer in classical ballet,Spanish and Historical Dance. She studied Cecchetti Ballet including both Advanced 1 and 2 levels gaining her Licentiate ISTD Cecchetti. She continued to be sent out to schools to teach Cecchetti Ballet during her training as a dancer.She also holds a Fitness League diploma and is recognised by the Council for Dance Education and Training.  
Jane uses the unique teaching of the Cecchetti method, to encourage musicality and choreography in children of all ages and ability. She attends many courses and seminars throughout each year, ensuring that her pupils reach the highest standard.

Sarah Davies - Drama
Sarah is an experienced local teacher who has worked in education for nearly 20 years. As an actor she has enjoyed a range of strong female roles including classics such as Medea and Shakespeare's Gertrude to comedic monologues and new writing. In directing, she has worked with adults and youth on may projects creating new pieces such as her award winning site specific drama 'The Building' and innovative mask and puppet tale 'Talking Dog'. She also enjoys adapting traditional text for specific groups giving them a contemporary twist as her recent production of 'A Christmas Carol' testified. Her principle aims using Drama with young people are to develop their confidence, ability to work together and performance skills whilst helping them to find their performance body and voice. She also enjoys clowning and is currently working with a female sketch comedy troupe. 'Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.' - Victor Borge.

Solange Leon - Artworks/Art Club/Adult Art  
Solange Leon is the co-director and founder of multiple award winning Artichoke Artgroup, born out of her own child's request for art lessons. She focuses on the development of observational drawing and understanding of spatial concepts, rediscovering and representing the ordinary in a different light. Trained in Chile and the UK as an architect, she worked with LCE architects for many years and in public art projects with an array of local artists including designers, crafts people and artists. She now works independently, nationally and internationally, on design, art, graphics, web and varied media. She has many years teaching experience in several venues & believes strongly in shifting education towards a creative, cross-discipline creative process, using integrated arts as a platform. Solange also trained as a soprano opera singer for 4 years and often performs in physical theatre and plays with local theatre companies.

Emily Hilson - Music
Emily is a violist with extensive classical training in the States. She is also trained in early childhood education and a mother of 2 young children. She is fascinated with the effects of music on children and the joy they receive spending time in musical environments. She moved from New York to Brighton in 2002, attended many local music groups with her children and discovered Music for Aardvarks and Other Mammals is just the thing Sussex parents are looking for.