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Ballet Exam Results 2013

All Grades and Majors now have QCF (Qualifications and Credit Frame Work) on their certificate.
Level 1 = Cecchetti grades 1, 2 & 3
Level 2 = Cecchetti grades 4 & 5
Level 3 = Cecchetti grades 6 & Intermediate

Overall results of the 92 pupils who took exams:
Distinctions: 38
Merits: 43
Pass: 11

Congratulations to all pupils for achieving such excellent results.

Pupils who achieved above 90%:
Alex Regan: 96% Intermediate
Gena Davies: 92% Grade 6
Jessica Cobb: 91% Standard I
Polly Ashton Privet: 91% Standard I

11 pupils achieved above 85%

Cecchetti Associates auditions 2013/2014

Congratulations to all 12 successful candidates:
JA3: Darcey Regan; Martha Richardeson
SA1: Rebecca Atkinson; Polly Waring
SA2: Mary Ferns; Joanne Penner
SA3: Gemma Bovil; Gena Davies
Graduate class, senior boys & girls: Lucy Downing; Cameron Walters; Lucas Whithouse
Junior boys: Pierre Guillicelli-Probin

Cecchetti Scholars 2013/2014

Congratualtions to Alex Regan for holding her place as a Senior Cecchetti Scholar for the second year.


Beacon Cats! City Youth Theatre 2013
CATS at the Old Market Brighton 11-15 June.

Well done to all the Beacon Arts pupils who took part in the CATS show. Although spotting who was which cat was difficult, I was very proud of all the individual performances. I particularly enjoyed the second act. Well done. Jane

Taking part were:

Mister Mistoffelees - Jake Bone
Victoria - Sophia Tyndall Bristow
Bombalurina - Lily Rogers

Other Cats!!
Hebe Salmon
Jess Bone
Hannah Andrews


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